Professional consulting and advising for yourself or your business

30 years of experience in business, accounting, and taxation consulting

EXPAT focuses on business, accounting, and taxation consulting specialized in Foreigners living all across the United States. We are a subsidiary of Brazil-based Ethyca Contábil, a renowned accounting office with over 3,000 recurring clients located in the metropolis São Paulo.

Client satisfaction is our main priority

Here at Expat we put our client’s needs first. You’ll always be able to speak with a consultant ready to assist you with quality and respect – through the phone, by e-mail, or physically. We understand that questions about tax, licenses, estate planning, business tax planning, and other important subjects might leave clients uneasy, and that’s why we like to emphasize our customer oriented business procedures.

Prompt and correct answers

We understand that our presence in Orlando and São Paulo is fundamental in offering prompt and correct answers for expatriates and Americans alike. Our teams are filled with professionals whom possess vast experience and they may work collectively between both offices and countries to best suit your needs, always keeping in mind the specifics of each country’s laws, regulations, and other important details.

Quality combined with fair rates

One of the crucial values that sets Expat apart in the Orlando market is the combination of excellent quality in services with fair pricing for the benefit of our customers. We make such combination possible by maintaining a highly skillful team of experts whom are aided by technological solutions that facilitate our communication with clients and customers.


Business Management
  • Elaboration of Business Plan.
  • National and international tax planning for individuals and businesses.
  • Asset protection and estate planning.
  • Consulting in business and financial administration.
Services for Individuals and Businesses
  • ITIN application.
  • EIN application.
  • Notarization of documents.
  • Notarized translations.
  • Quitclaim deed and warranty deed.
  • Declaration and forwarding of Sales Tax.
  • Payroll processing services.
Structuring and Maintaining New Company
  • Business structure selection consulting.
  • Structuring new business from scratch (LLC, Corp, S-Corp, Sole-prop).
  • Elaboration of customizable Operating Agreement.
  • Acting as Registered Agent for companies.
  • Performing extensive license research & attaining necessary licenses.
  • Elaborating and filing business tax return (federal and state level).
  • Elaborating and filing individual tax return (federal and state level).
  • Preparation of FIRPTA process and applying for a certificate of exemption.
  • Preparation of Annual Report for companies.
  • Providing monthly Bookkeeping services and consulting.
Services Outsourced to Expat Partners
  • Creating company logo and visual identity.
  • Registering brand and logo.
  • Creating websites.
  • Registering domains.
  • Creating company presentation (slideshow or print).
  • Renting virtual address.
  • Services for individuals and business.
Our mission is to help our clients prosper by providing them with a wide array of professional business and individual services, products, and solutions to help them better manage their finances and employees. We strive to provide high-quality services and build long-term client relationships.
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If phone is your preferred method of contact, please fill out the form aside and we will contact you shortly. If you prefer to schedule an appointment by e-mail, use For all other purposes you may reach us at (407) 745 1112. If you are in Brazil you may reach us at (11) 2920 1110 (Sao Paulo) or (21) 2018 1235 for Rio de Janeiro callers.

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